Day 97 Question 97

Day 97 Question 97:

What are some of your favorites?

I am making this a nice relaxing Sunday.  I am currently stretched out in my bed with my book lying next to me, ready to be read.  I was unsure of what I wanted to write about today and decided to keep it light since today should be a day of rest for most people.  I started thinking about all of my favorite things and thoughts I would list them.  What are yours?

Favorite Food: Red Curry from Indo Thai (The restaurant I work at)…chocolate is a close runner up.

Favorite Smell: The clean fresh smell right after it rains

Favorite Movie: The new 21 Jump Street is right up there for comedy but Life is Beautiful is my favorite drama (intense and what a beautiful story).

Favorite Animal: I don’t have a yellow lab now but I will have one one day….I love everything about them :0)

Favorite Holiday: It’s a tossup between Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I love to see people dressed up for Halloween…even the girls that look like prostitutes ;0)

Favorite Color: Emerald Green

Favorite TV Show: NO CONTEST-Modern Family (If you haven’t seen it go buy the DVDs now—soooo funny).

Favorite Song: Waste by Phish (Love Love Love It)

Favorite Book: The Art of Happiness by The Dalai Lama with The Power of Now coming very close in 2nd.

Favorite Car: Old School Volkswagen Bug

I have many favorites in my life.  I could list thousands I am sure but I want to get back to my relaxation.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and has been able to spend it with people they love.  See you tomorrow when we all head back to the grind.  :0)

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18 Responses to Day 97 Question 97

  1. Dale Melchin says:

    Favorite Food: Rare New York Strip Steak
    Favorite Smell: Pipe Tobacco
    Favorite Movie: Star Wars
    Favorite Animal: Little Animal: Cat Big Animal: Tiger
    Favorite Holiday: Christmas and Easter
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite TV Show: House
    Favorite Song: Imperial March
    Favorite Book: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
    Favorite Car: BMW (Don’t have it, but will have it someday)

  2. Anastasia says:

    Favorite Chocolate: Dark, super dark, maybe raspberries
    Favorite History: Russian Imperial, pre-revolutionary
    Favorite Musical: The King and I (Yul Brynner..meow)
    Favorite Beverage: Water
    Favorite Color: GreenBlue, like the Greek coast where there’s no beach
    Favorite Animal: 3 Toed Tree Sloth
    Favorite Smell: Citrus Cassis (but fresh rain is a close second)
    Favorite Chest: Jason Statham
    Favorite Symphony: Peter and the Wolf

  3. elliebloo says:

    Favorite food: Plantains and sausage
    Favorite smell: Lilac flowers
    Favorite movie: Lord of the rings
    Favorite animal: Whales
    Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
    Favorite color: baby blue
    Favorite t.v. show: Ancient Aliens
    Favorite song: We are The World
    Favorite book: The Alchemist
    Favorite car: VW hippie bus

    loved this post!

  4. jclii says:

    Favorite food: Chili
    Favorite smell: Clean clothes and dryer sheets
    Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption
    Favorite animal: Elephant
    Favorite holiday: Any day I get off work
    Favorite color: Green
    Favorite t.v. show: 6 Feet Under
    Favorite song: In Your Eyes
    Favorite book: Survivor – Palahniuk
    Favorite car: Jeep Wrangler

  5. jclii says:

    Favorite food: Chili
    Favorite smell: Clean laundry and dryer sheets
    Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption
    Favorite animal: Elephant
    Favorite holiday: Any day I have off work.
    Favorite color: Green
    Favorite t.v. show: Parks and Recreation
    Favorite song: In Your Eyes
    Favorite book: Survivor – Palahniuk
    Favorite car: Jeep Wrangler

  6. jensine says:

    Hope the book is good 🙂
    Favorite food: liquorice and the red cabbage my mum makes
    Favorite smell: freshly baked bread and wet grass
    Favorite movie: Arsenic and Old lace is up there
    Favorite animal: not sure, like monkeys but think I amy not have a favourite
    Favorite holiday: CHRISTMAS
    Favorite color: all greens and I love the combination of purple and green
    Favorite t.v. show: i do like Dollhouse and Big bang Theory
    Favorite song: ooohhh hard one, More than words, Or teh name of teh game or maybe I am what i am … ohhhh to many to name
    Favorite book: Loved the House of Sleep but I read so much i really am not sure which one tops the list … Die Schahnovelle maybe or kafka in general
    Favorite car: Don’t have one but do like Beatles

  7. rich says:

    Favorite Food: grilled salmon, not too much butter
    Favorite Smell: the first saturday in october, at about 10 am.
    Favorite Movie: Jaws
    Favorite Animal: salmon, provided it’s grilled
    Favorite Holiday: thanksgiving, because it’s christmas without the pressuer of gifts
    Favorite Color: navy blue and terra cotta
    Favorite TV Show: daily show with jon stewart
    Favorite Song: 10th avenue freezout
    Favorite Book: to kill a mockingbird
    Favorite Car: ’68 mustang fastback, white with two blue stripes, or vice versa

  8. Favorite Food: Sadly, I love almost everything, which is why I have a weight problem.

    Favorite Smell: My lemon basil plant.

    Favorite Movie: Can’t decide, but it’s a toss-up between The Sound of Music and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

    Favorite Animal: I love most dogs!

    Favorite Holiday: Halloween!

    Favorite Color: Red!

    Favorite TV Show: I love crime dramas, quite a few of them. Guess I watch too much tv. Ooh, I LOVEd Alias!

    Favorite Song: Memory – Cats

    Favorite Book: No way to decide this. If I watch too much tv, I read even more books! 🙂

    Favorite Car: Whatever minivan I currently own – as long as it gets me from point A to point B.

    Thanks for letting me participate!

  9. t says:

    So much like our upstate NY connection, we are also linked with our love of “Life Is Beautiful” – nice!

  10. Hi, Diane. Thanks for following my blog, The Church of Cyclentology. I’ll start following you. It will take me awhile to catch up — you are quite productive. Cyclentology is actually my second blog. It focuses on biking. You might want to also check out my other blog, It is a bit wider in its focus. Either way, I’m pleased to have someone who blogs as well as you do following me.

  11. Favorite Food: Cereal–a day without breakfast is a day without … breakfast!
    Favorite Smell: Victory! And strawberries.
    Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
    Favorite Animal: Little Animal: Kittens Big Animal: Polar bears
    Favorite Holiday: Any long weekend. But Halloween is fun.
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite TV Show: Supernatural
    Favorite Song: Right Now
    Favorite Book: Tuesdays With Morrie
    Favorite Car: Mine, when it runs.

    Bonus: Favorite flavor: Life!

  12. globalmedscanada says:

    You are One classic lady 🙂

    • globalmedscanada says:

      My favorite smell is : smell of earth dust after it rains
      My favorite Car is : jeep
      My favorite movie is : Avaitor
      My favorite book is : Shantaram .
      My favourate Song : You make my world go round
      My favourite Tv show : Anythin on discovery channel , nat geo , history channel

    • Diane :0) says:

      What a wonderful compliment :0) Thank you so much!

  13. miss p says:

    Favorite Food: Persian Rice with plain yogurt
    Favorite Smell: Daphne in the spring
    My Favorite Animal: Teddy My Golden Retriever
    Favorite Sport: toss up between volleyball and fly fishing
    my favorite channel is TCM
    thanks for sharing

  14. joyousjoys says:

    Favorite Food: Cheese! I played this sort of ice-breaker game once where we had to come up with one ingredient that had to be included in every single meal of your life from this day forward and I came up with cheese and promptly won a prize 🙂

    Favorite Smell: Clean laundry

    Favorite Movie: Elf

    Favorite Animal: Ducks – sooooo cute 🙂

    Favorite Holiday: My birthday! I’m actually kind of obsessed and celebrate all of my monthly birthdays throughout the year.

    Favorite Color: Aqua

    Favorite TV Show: Desperate Housewives. Sooo sad it is ending!

    Favorite Song: Silver Lining by David Gray

    Favorite Book: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini (also wrote Kite Runner)

    Favorite Car: Midget

  15. granbee says:

    Favorite Food: Shrimp Gumbo
    Favorite Smell: freshly mown grass
    Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings trilogy
    Favorite Animal: Black Labrador Retriever
    Favorite Song: Because He Lives
    Favorite Book: Bible
    Favorite Car: Humvee

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