Day 69 Question 69

Day 69 Question 69:

What celebrity/celebrities do people compare you to the most?

I decided to make this entry short and to the point because I have a day of adventure ahead of me.  It has been quite a nice weekend…beautiful weather, time with good friends, good food and movies galore.

So, when people ask the question of which celebrity they would compare you to I am always at a loss.  When I was blonde I would always say Drew Barrymore was probably the closest but in truth I don’t really see it.  When the whole Doppleganger craze came about on Facebook I never put a picture up because I had no idea who to put up.  I asked my friends what they thought and these were the 3 celebrities I heard the most (in the order I heard them the most).  Do you see it?  I don’t personally see any of these (especially the first one) but I heard it a lot.  Weeeeiiirrrdddd!!!  Who do people compare you to?

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15 Responses to Day 69 Question 69

  1. Michael S. Osborn says:

    Well, I don’t really think that I look much like anyone but myself. And I am contented with that. They (whoever “they” is) say that everyone has a double somewhere.

  2. vevadoll says:

    If you combined the three…
    For me, it has been a lot of Daryl Hannah, Natasha Bedingfield, and Blondie and Cameron Diaz a couple of times when I had shorter hair.

  3. gigoid says:

    Not something I ever considered much, but when I was younger, I got taken for Jerry Garcia a lot… dark, long hair, full beard, a similar build & wardrobe, and glasses probably contributed to that, but I suppose there was some resemblance there…. got me a couple beers one time, even after they found out I wasn’t Jerry…. 🙂 I can see the resemblance above between you and the first picture, whoever it is (I’m happy to say my knowledge of celebrities, of both genders, is pretty slim…. I don’t know the names of any of the above, except yours…) All four pictures are equally attractive, to my discriminating eye….. 😉

  4. raysrope says:

    Everyone is ‘UNIQUE’.
    Therefore the answer to question 69. What celebrity/celebrities do people compare you to the most?
    No One!
    Although you may resemble another person in appearance, it is impossible to ‘compare’ yourself to anyone.

  5. I have been told Henry Rollins, minus the tattoos. We both have no neck 🙂

  6. blackwatertown says:

    Brett Anderson – from Suede. Or in other words, someone older than you think, who has probably (er, not that I’d know) taken more drugs than you think, and really needs to catch up on his sleep. But he can sing.

  7. jensine says:

    Never been compared to a celeb, so I am either unique or just too ugly 🙂

  8. ajawinreeves says:

    I always get a weird mix of Colin Farrell and Mark Walberg…don’t ask me why. When I was younger I got Joseph Gordon-Levitt a lot.

  9. yes, uma thurman, the same tilt of the head, quizzical expression.

  10. I’ve heard Catherine Zeta-Jones from quite a few people, to which I reply, “Okay sure, I’ll take it!”

  11. mbpastrygal says:

    Definitely Robin Wright. In fact, I think she should play me in the movie of my life. I would want it to be an indie cult hit entitled ‘Running Headlong’ However, with my luck, it would be some damn after school special or worse…..on Lifetime!
    Awesome question……..and cool blog

  12. Dennis says:

    My friends are not kind enough to use any human celebrities. I remember “Looney Tunes” mentioned frequently. 🙂

  13. Anastasia says:

    Good query! I used to be Olive Oyle.. Now it’s another dry sarcastic female cartoon girl who’s name I forget. Apparently I cannot be categorized in relation to a real living being. yay.

  14. granbee says:

    At my age, people compare me to those ladies on “Golden Girls”! Ha! In the past, with long, dark, straight hair and very slim, I was compared to Cher! Most of the time, people think I am far too goofy, too “unique”, to be compared to anyone at all! Thanks, this has been fun!

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