Day32 Question 32

Day 32 Question 32:

What is on your bucket list?

This entry is going to be quite a bit shorter than my usual rants.  I am sure this list will get longer and longer as time passes because there are millions of things I want to experience but I thought this would be a good start and it would allow people to think about their bucket list.  In case you are reading this and you don’t know what a bucket list is, it is a list of things you want/hope to do before you kick the bucket.  I am off to Mt. Pleasant today for the first part of a Transcendental Meditation course I am taking.  I am beyond excited.  I now can say I will have one thing checked off the bucket list.  What’s on your bucket list?

Diane’s Bucket List:

~Traveling Abroad

~Making a monumental speech that impacts people’s lives

~Being a mentor/role-model

~Being a part of several projects that help the less fortunate

~Becoming a life coach or motivational speaker

~Learn to speak Italian or Spanish fluently

~Publish a book-hopefully more than one

~Put a message in a bottle and throw it off the pier into the ocean

~Visit a Buddhist Temple/Monestary

~Learn to paint

~Take photography class(es)

~Start a Youtube channel/make documentary

~Conquer my fear of moving somewhere all by myself

~Sing one more time at an open mic night

~Learn to play piano

~Own a house and create an art/writing studio

~Take an acting class

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8 Responses to Day32 Question 32

  1. 1stjoeyanna says:

    My most important piece on MY bucket list is: To always stay positive. Easier said than done, but with true rewards! 🙂

  2. Jeannie says:

    You have quite a list. I hope all your dreams come true. 🙂

  3. Kelly Cautillo says:

    I’ve not finished writing up an official list but many of the things you’d like to do are also on mine:
    *Publish a book (even if noone buys it)
    *Learn to play piano/guitar
    *Continue with singing lessons (already sang Call Me by Blondie last week at a kareoke bar – I’ve never had the guts to do it sober before and apparently I did quite well 😀 )
    *Road trips
    *Write ‘last’ letter to people I care about (this sounds morbid, I know).
    *Acting classes
    *Learn to skydive on my own (I have done tandem)
    *Bungee jump
    *Climb a mountain for charity
    *Volunteer for a children’s hospice

    I know there will be loads more though…

  4. Laurent says:

    Hi Diane. Great post of yours. Here is a list I use to update regurlarly wether I do the things I planned or wether I decide change my plans. I always try to put a time milestone in front of each item. I think we change and that we won’t deisre the same thing in one month or in one year. Let me know your thoughts about it. I will create a post about this on my blog

    Before summer : working 1 week in a random french town different from Marseille.

    Within 6 months : create a new music band, playing on stage and begin to write my ‘Musician Coaching Guide’

    Within 6 months : 1 holiday week in Corsica, 1 summer Kung-fu camp week

    Within 1 year : change of house and car

    Within two years : My second 35nextyears project book is being written

    Within 5 years : Sell my french company

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  6. thalia3 says:

    Fantastic bucket list. Mine looks similar….good luck to us!

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